Tuesday, November 9, 2021

I Don't Speak Geek

 Question:  What do you tell the arrogant geek who condescendingly pretends to help you with your computer issues?

Dear Friend:

On August 5, I posted I Don't Speak Geek to my Facebook page. It sounds like it is perfect for you, too.

I don't speak geek. When the one on the phone ... gives a superior tone ... Reply on your own ... with a patient drone ... I don't speak geek. Maybe English or French ... or professions advanced .... but your rapid-fire lingo ... Just has to go, 'cause ... I don't speak geek. Doris Gaines Rapp 

Remember, you earn a passing grade in a college course by learning its vocabulary. Whether it's a foreign language, a psychology course, mathematics, or whatever, each subject has its own vocabulary. Computers have their own vocabulary as well. If you haven't studied computer science, you don't know the geek lingo.

When you ask for help from someone regarding your computer, and you cannot understand them, it probably isn't your fault.  You may even feel sorry for their inability to talk about their field of experience. The geek you are speaking to has a very limited glossary of terms in other subjects and has no people skills. Speak slowly and politely, explaining your needs in detail using your own professional lexicon. Perhaps the geek will be able to catch up to you and find other words to explain your computer's function.

Accept the fact that you are not inferior because your computer skills are limited. The problem is that the "computer tech" does not understand computers well enough to explain them to those too busy to learn another language. Be patient with the techie. Try to hold down your frustration. It seems many,  gifted in computers, can't explain them to others.

Happy computer use.


Copyright 2021 Doris Gaines Rapp

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